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Tool Rest Top Bars


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The Tool Rest Top Bar is used for upgrading your existing Powermatic or other cast iron or steel tool rests. This M-42 heat treated rod is Rockwell 65-66 in hardness. The benefit is a smooth surface that will eliminate the need for filing, polishing, or waxing - it will not dent or ding like your existing tool rest. Rods are available in three sizes: 6", 8", or 14.25". Diameter is approximately 3/8". Can request the 14.25" rod be cut into a custom size (cutting fee applies) - with the remainder also being shipped. DISCLAIMERS - Does not work for older JET 1642 lathes because it puts the rod above center. 

  • You can also cut them to custom lengths in your own shop using an angle grinder with a cut-off wheel.
  • Do NOT use any saw blades - you will ruin them.

Please watch the installation video to see how easy it is to make this modification. - -  Installation VIDEO Link*

These have been tested over the last few years for performance and reliability in adhesion. When properly applied using long-acting JB weld, we have had no reported failures. Note: a couple of customers have dislodged the bar by dropping it on a hard floor on the very end. Can sand down and reattach.

*Reminder that we are only providing the purchased top bar steel rod. If the directions given are properly followed you should enjoy of lifetime of use. Deviations in the process or materials may cause nonoptimal results that we cannot be held responsible for. 

"By using this upgrade your tools will glide over this surface like ice skates on ice." ~ Jimmie

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