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This is what our customers have shared about our wood turning tools & CBN wheels:

"D-Way Tools have earned their place in my woodturning tool arsenal! These tools are the perfect combination of durability and sharpen-ability, allowing me to hone all edges to razor sharp, raise a hook on my scrapers, or just simply use straight from the grinder. I have seen D-Way Tools evolve from their beginning and have absolutely everything positive to say about the quality, craftsmanship and user-friendly designs! These American-made tools have continued to impress me and are the clear choice for partnering to create my E. Lofstrom signature tool series. As a professional woodturning instructor and demonstrator I have yet to find a tool line that compares. D-Way Tools are the highest caliber turning tool available!" - Eric Lofstrom

With my work I am totally reliant on the superior performance of the D-Way half inch gouge.  I have tried (and own) many gouges, but this tool enters the wood like no other gouge I've used. It grinds easily, takes a great edge, and holds that edge longer than any other of my gouges. Especially with difficult woods like Douglas fir, this tool is my secret weapon. Bill Luce, WA state - you are greatly missed Bill.

Dave, I order a set of CBN wheels and some gouges from you last Monday morning and everything arrived on Wednesday. I live in Florida, so we are about as far apart as you can get in the US. I was very impressed with how quickly the items arrived.  Thank you for the great service!...The CBN wheels are fantastic!  I tested your gouges on dry hard maple and all I can say is WOW! I absolutely love how they cut and how well they hold an edge.  I will take these gouges over the Sorby gouges any day. I just wanted to let you know that I am a satisfied customer of D-Way tools. Thanks again, Tim

I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful grinding wheels! They arrived yesterday which saved the day and will let me re-sharpen everything today so I can get back to Christmas presents. I do not know how this could have been a more perfect experience for me. Your willingness to spend time speaking with me, suggesting getting only 1 radius wheel, immediate shipping and your deep woodturning knowledge were all topics of conversation at our dinner table. Thank you! I will be back for tools after the new year! Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope Santa is as good to you as you are to your customers! John Snowdon 

My new wheels arrived today and I love the way they perform! For the first time in my life, I feel confident in my ability to get a good sharp edge. I had actually given up on turning because my old grinding wheels were so out of balance and chattered to the point of not being able to get a sharp edge. Your wheels are extremely well balanced and smooth running (and cool). I'm so impressed with you, your service and the value in D-Way products, that I am ordering a parting tool and two gouges as soon as I finish this message. Thanks for a great product. Bob

I just put my 180 CBN wheel on the grinder and couldn't believe the difference. The wheel is super smooth and my tools are super sharp thanks million. John

I’d like to recommend and comment on the tools and grinding wheels that I bought from D-Way Tools: First you should know that I’m a self taught novice turner, but I do have years of hobbyist woodworking skills behind me and can recognize a sharp edge. During my initial turning experiences I knew inwardly that many of my problems were associated with the edge that I was putting on my tools. This problem continued to perplex me over time. Even though I tried I did not acquire the skills necessary for truly sharp edges using standard methods. It’s possible that with time or instruction I might eventually have been successful. However; I now believe, those days are in the past due the installation of the CBN wheels. The very first tool I sharpened with these wheels came off with the desired shape and a keen sharpness. I worked my way through my collection of tools and continue to be pleased with the relative ease and speed associated with using these wheels.

The gouges I bought were for beading. Regardless of the time that I put into practice I don’t believe that I would ever be able to free hand a series of beads that are so consistent in size and form without these tools. Simply put, the beading gouges expanded my design horizons without the dread of screwing up a nice piece so near the end of the process. The beading tools aren’t foolproof, but the time to become competent is short and from my perspective they represent an insurance of knowing ahead of time that I will have a bead that actually looks like a bead and it was done quickly.
To the extent of my experience and as related to my purchases I highly recommend D-Way Tools. Alan Robillard

I just wanted to let you know that the 5/8 bowl gouge is just wonderful, The finish of your tools is superb, and they really hold an edge. Thanks for another great tool. As well, thanks for all the advice on how to keep the edge with sharpening the tool. I have explored many different brands of tools and types of steel of the finer tool makers, and I think your tools are top notch. Thanks again, Roger Ellis

Your videos are very well done...not only cover material for the basic turner but also for the more advanced turner. Truly a job well done!!! Basil Kelsey

The CBN wheels (80 and 180 grit) I purchased from D-Way tools are the best sharpening wheels I've ever used.  They beat AlOx, SG, Diamond wheels without question.  These wheels are extremely efficient and produce a beautiful edge that performs flawlessly on my spindle and faceplate turnings. The wheels are beautifully balanced and with just a thin coating of CBN it removes a small amount of metal with a nice finish right up to the edge.  It can handle all kinds of metal whether its M2 high speed steel, M4 and though to the rest of the exotic steels as well as cryo steels. I love the wide girth of the wheel face at 1 1/2" as this provides more latitude in shaping my tools.  The CBN simply requires a very delicate touch so very little metal is removed and then results in a beautifully sharpened edge. Because the wheels are balanced they run true and smooth.  No more balancers needed like on a stone wheel and no dressing or conditioning of the wheels are required.  The wheels guards on my sharpening system have now been removed since there is no fear of the wheels exploding.  The metal bushings between the arbor and the wheels that were supplied by D-Way also increase the smoothness of the rotating wheels. I am so delighted with these wheels and the only maintenance that is required is a few squirts of WD-40 and a soft brass brush to clean the wheels from time to time. My understanding is that these wheels will last an extremely long time.  With that fact, the cost for these wheels are really worth the money. Most of my sharpening is done with the 80 grit for shaping and roughing out and I switch to the 180 grit for my finishing cuts.  The wheels are constructed with a steel hub which draws heat from the tool and in combination with a quick grind and light touch the tool does not get hot and few sparks at the edge are generated. I truly believe that sharpening with CBN wheels will become the preferred and standard choice for sharpening for all woodturners. I recommend these wheels to anyone and give it an A+. Al Mirman

I am a tool junkie. It is fair to say that I have purchased one of about every turning tool made. Also, I share my tools with a pretty large number of people who are learning to turn in my shop. As a result, all my tools get extensive hard use.  My first purchase of the D-Way 3/8" bowl gouge convinced me that the steel that D-Way uses is superior to all others I have tried. It takes a sharp edge and keeps its sharpness much better than any others on the market. The shape of the flute, the polished surfaces and relieved edges are refinements not found in other tools and adds to the tools very high quality and value. I have since purchased many other D-way tools and I find they are all best in class. I am planning to buy more as well. I recommend them without reservation. They are simply the best!  Jim Christiansen

I have been turning since 1983 and a member of AAW since 1992.  I have spent a small fortune on tools over the years.  I have bought some good ones and not so good ones.  I bought a 3/8" and 1/2" bowl gouge recently from D-Way Tools.  The first thing you notice is they feel like a solid tool.  The second thing I noticed was there is quite a bit more length to the fluting for your money compared to some other gouges I have bought recently which means they will last longer.  In addition with his handles you can adjust them so you always have the same length as they get shorter due to sharpening.  After turning a couple dozen bowls with these gouges and getting the feel for the type of grind I am very impressed with the control I have cutting inside and the outside of bowls.  They are not just good gouges they are great gouges and I recommend them to the novice or advanced turner.  Now I just need to sell some bowls so I can get his 5/8" gouge and a couple of his beading tools. Dan Burleson, Troy, MO

AWESOME tools!!!  Absolutely the best.  The bowl gouge has made getting through the death curve of a bowl an accomplishable task for me now, and the heft of the skew greatly improves my confidence with the skew.  I've always like heftier tools.  With the great steel, excellent grinds and comfortable, hefty handles YOU'VE DONE IT ~~~!! Steve & Trudy Webb

I can honestly say, that D-Way tools stay sharper longer and cut better than any I have ever used. I turn highly figured woods, like quilted and curly maple. If the tool isn't sharp and stays that way for long time, the wood tears out during your sweep around the shape. I never have a problem with any of D-Way's gouges or other tools. The handles are perfect for control and comfort. Thanks Dave for making these tools. Ron Gerton

Last month I treated myself to D-Way’s 80 grit Cubic Boron Nitride [CBN] grinding wheel.  I rate this purchase in importance to my woodturning as  2nd ONLY to my Oneway 2436……….  I installed it right out of the box, on my 1450 rpm Baldor grinder.  The CBN wheel was already perfectly balanced.  I found that truing the wheel and cleaning off imbedded iron will never be needed again.

The width at 1.5” makes sharpening easier, safer and fun. Even if one were to be sloppy and run the tool off the side of wheel (of course it never happened to you!)  Not to worry because the wheel’s edge does not grind into the errant tool!  The tool just bounces off.
Down the road:
If my Baldor grinder dies I can replace it with a $90 grinder and make it a Cadillac by replacing the cheapo wheel with my CBN wheel.  
My tools will last longer because it’s so easy to make a light pass when re-sharpening my tools, thus removing less material.  I estimate I should get 50% longer life for my tools.
The CBN WHEEL is safer because it will not explode and shatter me with debris.
I would not be surprised if the CBN wheels were to  make composite grinding wheels obsolete.
I first saw a CBN wheel in Dale Larsen’s shop and I had to have one.        
And…I own some D-Way gouges that way outperform my pay grade.  Ha! Jon Schilling, WA state








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